May 07, 2011


Question: Andrew, please give me five adjectives that describe Ben.
VanWyngarden: I'm going to say "kittens," which can be used as an adjective. Then I would say he's very nice. He's humble, he's talented. And stylish.
Question: Now tell me one thing about Ben that might surprise people.
VanWyngarden: His pinkie on his left hand -- right hand? -- is permanently at an angle
Goldwasser: Ring finger.
Question: Now, Ben, how about Andrew?
Goldwasser: Andrew is colorful. He has good hair. [Andrew laughs.] I don't know an adjective to describe that. Spontaneous, gifted and charismatic.
VanWyngarden: What about puppies? I thought you might describe me as puppies.
Goldwasser: Sure, if you'd like that. The one thing that would surprise people is he's growing a mustache.
VanWyngarden: No, I shaved it this morning.
Goldwasser: You did? Oh, darn it.

+Hacia mucho que queria esta entrevista pero entre todo el monton de cosas que tengo en la pc, hasta ahora es que lo encuentro...y obviamente lo posteo acà...
Hoy viene una prima a dormir conmigo, haremos una "pijamada" para ponernos al dia(hace mucho que no nos vemos)y bueno, me espera otra noche de desvelo...chau!


¡Gracias por el comentario, espero vuelvas pronto! :-)