May 11, 2011

Carl Barat has said that there is "no future" for The Libertines with things standing as they are between him and Pete Doherty.
The frontman was speaking in the new issue of NME, which is on UK newsstands tomorrow (May 11) or available digitally. In the interview he alluded to a bust-up with co-frontman Doherty and suggested that the pair's relationship is too damaged for more band commitments to take place.
"We are all in very different places," he said. "Right now is not the time for The Libertines. I thought the water under the bridge was under the bridge, but maybe it's not. It's a very fucking hard thing. Every time we talk it just brings it back up."
He added: "I don't believe we're healed from the hurt. If our hearts heal up then we can break them all over again. But right now… it's hard."

Y esta es una parte de un articulo de la nueva NME . Basicamente Carl dice que el futuro de The Libertines no existe por todos los problemas que ha habido entre el y Pete, obviamente estos ya se acumulan desde hace un tiempo pero no sè, aun asì me deprimiò un poco leerlo ayer, The Libertines es una de mis bandas favoritas, me parecen excelentes y es una lastima...los extraño.
Pasando a cosas mas agradables: Me voy a tampico el fin de semana(:, bueno mi hermana y yo, nos vamos a visitar a los primos y a fiestear con ellos(tal vez), aprovechando que mi hermana tiene vacaciones y yo tampoco tengo nada que hacer por acà...Bravo!<3

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